From the fable to the CAVE.

DeepXR (pronounced ‘Deeper’) is an independent creative studio working in the emerging mediums of VR (Virtual Reality) + AR (Augmented Reality) – new experiential fields with the power to be truly immersive. We deliver experiences and create compelling content across these emerging platforms where art, gaming, technology and storytelling meet.

Virtual Reality

Room-scale, interactive VR experiences give the user an added opportunity to move around in an immersive volume, using the HTC or Oculus input controllers in conjunction with the HMD (Head mounted display). VR experiences can be passive or interactive. In passive experiences, the viewer gets to sit back and enjoy the experience, whereas interactive experiences invite the user to participate and interact with the virtual environment and its characters and objects.

Augmented Reality

AR is the overlaying of digital information on top of the user’s existing environment in real time.